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Terracotta Planter Geo Lines Tall 14x14x18cm

Terracotta Planter Geo Lines Tall 14x14x18cm

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The Planter Geo Lines Tall is an adorable planter with a geologically infused motif. It features a premium quality ceramic mould which is designed in a tall, cylindrical form which measures 18 centimetres in height, 14 centimetres in width and an equal 14 centimetres in length. The interior is a bright white while the exterior has a beautifully patterned design in resemblance of geological lines often found in rocks and soil.

Ornately crafted with a visually captivating design and a nature motif, the Planter Geo Lines Tall is one planter you definitely should order today while stock lasts. This is because it possesses such alluring aesthetically charged outlook that would be perfect for use as an ornament in interior decorations.


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