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10 Things I Love About "Mondays"

Flowers to me are food for the soul, Mondays are always feel good days, which starts by buying myself flowers...

The weeks are flying by, we are already in March, it is incredible, if you are anything like us, your social life is still pretty slow, we so need to do something about this, enjoy this beautiful country we live in, so blessed to live in Queensland Australia.

So the weekend is over but I always seem to spring in to step on a Monday. We have such a busy household, so it is the day to get organised for the week! As I was trying to sort my posts for the week, my mind was absolutely blank, needing to fill the love my bucket of me, so what better way to do that is to start the week of feeling pretty and good about myself, so here it goes:

  • 1. Nails and toes done, my nails are gorgeous and a stunning colour!!
  • 2. Off to the Post office to get stock on the road for delivery
  • 3. Popped in to my favourite butcher for some beautiful off the bone ham!
  • 4. Called in to the bakery, not for white bread like my husband loves, but some wholemeal bread, knowing full well he would want a nice sandwich.
  • 5. As you know there is always something you don't get to on your list, so you keep adding to another list. For me new work tops! so love some of these beauties from Blue Bungalow short sleeve tops, practical, easy wearing and you don't have to iron, thank you god! is like a 4 letter word in this house, stunning colours.
  • 6. Have recently decided need & have to get some bras with NO underwire, sitting doing computer work for hours on end sometimes, is no good at all for your boobs! so on the hunt for some no underwire bras, if you can point me in the right direction, I would be so eternally grateful.
  • 7. BOOK LUNCH DATES: Seem always to keep missing out on lunch dates with my lovely friends, is on my list to get it sorted today, one of my besties is travelling around Australia is home for a very small window in a few weeks so cant wait to see her, gotta love retirement!
  • 8. Checking out my beautiful friend Julias NEW Paintings, they are stunning!
  • 9. Such fun doing some product styling with new stock that has arrived at Ginja B funny how you have to wait till the right time of day with the light in the perfect place.
  • 10. Cooking up a beautiful Italian Pasta for my lovely husband, got to have penne pasta, doesn't like spaghetti! weird or what....

So that is Monday nearly done, off to get some home chores done, have a great week, be kind to yourself.

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