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Load Bearing Wall- Kitchen Reno #2

Removing a wall, sounds like such a massive renovation, as long as you plan, have a builder who knows what he is doing, it is so worth it. So the last few months, a well overdue kitchen renovation, has started in stages I might add our kitchen was an 80's build so you can imagine. Firstly we had to remove a wall and put extra strength in the roof as the wall was load bearing, is quite a process, did take a while for the kitchen but we pretended we were camping, was actually quite fun, lucky we don't have wee kids just us! 

Load bearing wall gone, new beam in room for support. Along with this is electricals, and everything else that goes with it, Bunnings sure was our best friend! 

Here are some before and after photos:

Getting all your trades to be there when you need them is quite a juggle, so glad that was my husbands job! our kitchen did take a while so be prepared for these times, we had the wall removed long before the bench went in. so pleased we did as were able to paint the walls and really sort where we wanted everything. 

Christmas was nearly upon us so, we were advised when we ordered the rest of the kitchen, it would not be here till April, Kitchen Gallery were fantastic though, amazing to deal with, designed to perfection, Brisbane based, any concerns were sorted that day or within days, highly recommend, keep you posted with the next stage of updating our 80's kitchen to a highly functioning and modern one. We are so excited! 


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