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How Do You Decorate & Repair Your Home On A Budget?

We all have a vision of what we want our home to look like, weither it be styling your home, sprucing up the outdoor area, adding a coat of paint to your bedroom, or even changing the washer on a dripping tap, seems like if there is something major that we need done we have to call in a tradie, and oh boy sometimes that moment when you hear the quote they have given you it absolutely takes the breath out of you! 

Bathroom Revamp

We are looking at doing our bathroom at the moment is a 30 year old bathroom at the moment with a spa, we use once a year, a 2 sink basin, a corner shower that the frame & glass has seen better days, but it is time, now what a huge purchase that is, recently started looking at the accessories, like cabinets, tiles, tapware, at such. A cabinet you are looking at $2000 upwards for something decent that lasts.  However we recently got a great contact for an cabinet maker that does make cabinets Tasmanian oak, for the same price, little bit excited to do some research there that is for sure!

How Do You Repair Your Home On A Budget?

  1. Prioritize necessary repairs first
  2. Look for discounted materials or shop second-hand
  3. Consider doing the repairs yourself or hiring a handyman instead of a contractor
  4. Break up larger projects into smaller, more manageable tasks
  5. Research and compare prices before making any purchases.

New Skills

So my thoughts are lets learn some new skills! don't be scared to have a go at painting, youtube how to change a washer, believe it or not, one of my last years at high school, we had woodwork class, this was for anyone who wanted to learn how to do basic woodwork classes, like if a door sticks, using a electrical tools, this is a long time ago imagine how those tools have changed over the years. My dad is actually a builder, is now in his early 80's was chatting to him the other day he said in the early days when he started his apprenticeship he used to hang 7.5 doors in a day, didn't quite get to the 8 but what an achievement. You can imagine all the knowledge from an 80 year old from the old building days, where nothing came pre fab like it does now. 

Workshops & YouTube

Have a go, see what you come up with, did you know Bunnings have so may DIY workshops you can do, informative for both adults and children, so many for the holidays also.

A friend of mine, some how put a bottle in with her washing! can you imagine the glass, a disaster, thinking they would be up for a new washing machine, did ring a few repairers and yes they said she would be, until one mentioned if you just keep doing washing it will eventually come out.... who would have thought hey!

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How to paint a room

Tired of the look of your home and need a new look? am totally hearing you! We have our 10 year old lounge the we bought from Nic Scali which we love is so comfortable, black so it doesn't go with our Hamptons Decor, was a big purchase, got the lounge the same time we got our new wee puppy Marley, WHO DOES THAT! yes we did, chewed through the electric cords, not once but twice, and 2 visits to Nic Scali HQ in Brisbane, which they thought was hilarious, but not me $7500 on a lounge 10 years ago.

Anyway back to it, we are keeping our lounge for now, but adding some cushions, throw blankets, makes it look Hamptons, goes with our decor, and wife is happy. 

Going mad with plants around the home, sure does create a warm atmosphere, the greenery adds a touch of homey to it, and I love it. Repurpose your old planters, paint does wonders. Get some cuttings from a friends garden, start some new plants from cuttings they don't take long to start getting roots, is really satisfying and fun to do. 

There Are Several Ways To Decorate Your Home On A Budget

  1. Shop at thrift stores or garage sales for unique and affordable decor items.
  2. DIY your decor by repurposing old items or making your own.
  3. Use inexpensive but stylish items like throw pillows, curtains, and rugs to add colour and texture to a room.
  4. Use plants or fresh flowers to add a natural touch and freshen up your space.
  5. Rearrange your furniture or artwork to create a new look without spending any money.
  6. Frame some of your photos so it is artwork, opp shop some frames, paint and create

Anything you start make a plan, start small you will be amazed what you can do, and the savings you make. Sustainable living is a way of life now, have fun creating yours. 

Enjoy xx


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