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Design Tips #1

How do you choose what decor items you need, compared to what you love? 
We all have favourite special pieces we have had for years! do they have to go with your styling? or can they blend in with what you have? 
Like many people we have been renovating ( may I say for a l o n g time seems like forever) we are going from a very 80's house, to a Hamptons home, which we LOVE but what do you do with all your ever so special items, you have treasured for years. Well you know what we say keep them, find a spot, but at the same time minimalize, find some new favourites.

As the Winter months start creeping up, our thoughts would go to cosy being cosy in your home snuggling up, in a warm and comfortable welcoming space. Our place would be in our lounge watching a great movie or series. Creating that ambience and space with all our lives being so full on these days is a part of relaxing and recharging you, allowing you to be ready for whatever your life entails for the coming weeks. 

Creating your special space

Key Items- What You Need:

  1. Beautiful textured soft rug or throw
  2. Home fragrance, reed or candle
  3. Bench seat or poof- somewhere to rest your feet
  4. Soft comfortable cushions
  5. Favourite slippers or socks

Who wouldn't love a space in there home or even a room, where you can mediate, breathe, read a book, contemplate life, create happiness. We love inspirational areas that make you smile. Created with all your favourite things!

# Spruce up your deck! create an area on your deck with all that lovely creative cosiness. 

# Sort our that spare room! (yes we have one of those)

# Create a fire pit

# A reading nook

# There are so many places and spaces to choose from. 

Enjoy, get started! you won't regret it. 

Di Sandron




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