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Author Di Sandron


(Photo Credit & Design Coastal Dwelling Design Build)
Rebecca Lincoln

Like many others we are currently doing a reno! changing the entire look of our home, that might I say has not been changed since the 80’s apart from a painted wall & new carpet! so where do you start is the question, the next question would be what will it cost? and believe me when I say do you have any skills for doing this reno as that sure is a huge help in keeping the cost down.

When is the right time?

My husband came home from a trip away, didn’t know when the next job was going to be, walked in after a 12 hour drive to ” I have a job for you ” oh yeh, they eyes rolled back! (me) so you know how we have been talking about doing a Hampton’s Style Home? YES was the reply, (me) how about we cost it up, see where it is at? Ok sounds great! he was actually pretty excited, so after a shower & a cold beer, he was on the computer working out what look we were after. Before long we were planning & sorting, had a bar inside that was only good for hiding paperwork! so it was gone with a couple of bangs with a sledge hammer, then it was time for the electrician. One of the main things we have worked out you have to have a plan for when you need your trades, I had the painter booked 4 weeks prior to when was needed, also being a 30 year old house needed some updated electrical.

Before photo, tiles up, quite amazing how creamy the walls are, not the best photos, but you can see the wainscoting style we are heading towards.

 Then it was what are we going to do with the poles at the entrance?

We had often looked at the pillars at the entrance and wondered if they were load bearing and if they weren’t what could we do with it, how could we design something & use what we had to create something usable that looked amazing? we needed a statement piece that looked like furniture & that went with our Hampton’s look that we are going for, something that was soft, warm and inviting. We wanted the top to be re-cycled timber, so we headed over to The Big Red Shed at Darra in Brisbane, was quite mind boggling to say the least what a place, so much timber, once we worked out what we wanted, it was how long will it take (they were flat out) as we only wanted the timber joined together it was pretty quick within 48 hours got the call to pick it up, fantastic service.

And here it is so happy with the total look, still working out what to put on it! so in love with the gorgeous arrangement from the amazing creative artist @ The Palm Patch Project Brisbane & the perfect Hampton’s style decor from DWBH Homewares all on our online shop Ginja B .

Keep you posted with the next stage!! How lucky am I to have such a talented husband! And a great friend & builder Davey Jones!

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