Easter Decoration

Creating An Easter Décor Theme

Where do you start?

 Beautiful Easter Decor Inspiration from Pinterest

Blush, pink & cream with oh so many bright coloured flowers! Our household loves Easter, firstly because it is such a lovely time for families to spend some quality time together and secondly of course the wonderful lead up to Easter, and creating that beautiful Easter decor theme. 

Creating That Easter Table Setting

To create a beautiful Easter table setting, start by choosing a colour scheme and theme. Pastel colours and spring motifs are popular choices for Easter. Next, choose a tablecloth or runner, and add a centrepiece such as a vase of fresh flowers or a decorative Easter bunny. Use matching dishes, silverware, and glasses for a cohesive look. And don't forget to add some Easter-themed decorations like napkin rings or place cards. Finally, add some personal touches like homemade Easter eggs or small gifts for your guests.

Some Suggestions

Brightening your home with fresh flowers creating that gorgeous calming ambiance, is the first port of call, working out the areas were you are going to create your theme. At your front door, on your kitchen table? or on your sideboard or all of the above. We are starting with the entrance to our home, using Easter Grass, cream, pink & grey bunnies, ceramic & fluffy toys. Who doesn't love an gorgeous Easter Bunny painting!

A wonderful addition to your décor is a Easter Book, something children can read & enjoy, a lovely talking point, for your Easter Décor Creation. Have you thought about, Easter Baskets? chocolates, maybe a little soft toy, depending on child's age, always great to be supper organised just in case some little ones pop over.

What 5 things could we create for the easter table decor?

Here are five ideas for Easter table decor:

  1. Easter egg centerpiece: Create a centerpiece using a basket filled with Easter eggs, flowers, and greenery.
  2. Bunny napkin holders: Fold napkins into bunny shapes and place them on each plate.
  3. Spring flower arrangements: Use fresh or faux spring flowers, such as tulips or daffodils, to create beautiful arrangements for the table.
  4. Pastel-colored tablecloth: Choose a light-colored tablecloth in pastel shades to create a springtime feel.
  5. Easter-themed place cards: Create personalized place cards with Easter-themed designs, such as bunnies or Easter eggs, to add a special touch to each place setting.

Easter baking, you can never go past Hot Cross Buns, have you ever made your own? Click through to the Recipe, by Edmonds NZ. Don't forget chocolates! Easter Eggs Everywhere is a must.

Happy Easter from our family to yours x


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