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Creating A Relaxing Space

Creating that relaxing space that you can walk in the door put your feet up and chill out is more important than ever. What to you feels like you can relax in a space? is it the comfy lounge, soft cushions, or the big TV, they all are relevant.
If I asked you right now what would it be, where would your thoughts go?

Years ago when we got our wee dog Marley we also bought a beautiful black leather lounge, it was quite a purchase for us, large comfy, recliners, you name it is there. It is so special to us as it has memories, "Yes" like the ones, we only had it two weeks and Marley ate the cords, not once but twice as new puppies do. So off we went back to the shop to get new ones. Here we are 9 years down the track, we have since renovated the leather lounge doesn't go with the new Hamptons Decor but how do you part with it, the thought of sitting down on this beautiful old comfy relaxing couch, brings a big sigh to be truthful, we all have something we can't part with, and this is ours. 
What do you need to create that relaxing space?
Is it:
  • a favourite fragrance
  • a certain room
  • a soft rug or cushion
  • the daylight or the dark
  • a book
  • a item of clothing - tracksuit
  • a destination

In the last 12 months, we have absolutely gone crazy with greenery, we are absolutely loving it, we have plants everywhere, we have painted our walls in our lounge the most gorgeous cool blue, with white, on our wainscoting on our walls, seems to be a really relaxing colour and very easy to be in this room. 

Our next relaxing space with be our bedroom, we did purchase the most divine bed, is so like that beautiful hotel bed you just flop into when you arrive! it was quite a purchase but an investment we said in our health and a good nights sleep. This room is our next "to do" room. Our colour will be the soft cool tones again, with minimal pictures and photos on the wall, with a soft wooden textures scattered through. We do however have a television in our room as we feel it is part of our relaxing space. 


  1. Choose your favourite home fragrance
  2. Positive Quotes To Put A Spring In Your Step
  3. Choose your space
  4. Work out your colours
  5. What else do you need

We have just purchased the most amazing digital photo frame Frameo that we can upload photos directly to the frame, we love it as it has all our memories, it certainly takes you back to a special place and time, this sits on our kitchen bench. 

Create your safe space for feelings, create a room in your home or a space in your home, cant wait to hear what you have come up with. 

 Di xx

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