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Ways To Make Your Small Living Room Look Larger

Decorating small living areas does not have to be stressful. Our room decorating ideas for small living rooms will help you add more style without having to sacrifice function.

Forget Elbowroom

Small rooms serve as an opportunity to get cozy. To clear up some space, ditch the sectional sofa since no one wants to be seated in the corner anyway. Instead, go for small seats packed together.

Two chairs and a love seat contribute more cushions than a single three-seater sofa. Keep the profiles of all pieces tight and trim no hefty wings or beefy arms chairs. Look for chairs that have straight sides, the armless slipper chairs are a lot better as they can be placed close to each other.

Expand on the Architecture

Snug living rooms often offer hints about various ways to expand both their style and function. For instance, if you have a cranny or nook that is not being used, tuck in a desk or bench.

If you already have one interesting feature like a fireplace or coffered ceiling, use decorative treatments to make the most of it. Install a chandelier which will draw eyes to the ceiling. Put eye-catching artwork on top the mantel to make your fireplace stand out.

Work Your Way Up

If you emphasize on the height of the small room, it begins to feel bigger. Do not overlook the wall space which is below the ceiling as a great spot for decoration. Mount window treatments at the same height to make your window appear majestic. Create a selection of photographs or arts that reach the ceiling. You can also attach picture-rail moulding on the room 18 inches from the ceiling and then paint the wall space that is above it with a coordinating colour.

Layer the decorations

Nudging a single piece of furniture in front of another one is an easy way to add storage space to the tiny living room. Fix a low dresser or console table at the back of the sofa to add some table surface for lighting, and a place to store drinks. Gather floor pillows and poufs under the coffee table to create space for extra seating. If a bookcase arranged with collections and books can be a graceful backdrop for a sofa or desk.

Tie It All Together

Most times, the living room is only an entry point into the dining space or home office. To effortlessly incorporate all these functions, keep the general colour palette (which may include wood tones) similar.

In addition, you can use decorative touches: ask yourself, does the entry rug match with the rug in the living? Do the cushions on dining tables work with the pillow and sofa upholstery? When all areas of the room work as a unit, your space will feel comfortable consistent.

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