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Planter Dimples White Large

Planter Dimples White Large

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Two sizes in the Dimples terracotta planter both planters are made of the same terracotta material component but differ slightly in shape and design. This particular smaller version features the clever moulding of terracotta earthenware in the shape of a bowl which has irregular edges. The interior is a reddish brown colour while the exterior is also a reddish brown but with intermittent white dots.

Made in a round dimension which measures 17 centimetres in width, 17 centimetres in length and 13 centimetres in height, the Planter Dimples White Large has a little mate 14x14x13cm.

The perfect rustic themed statement piece as it is moulded using top quality terracotta material. It stands on a tall tripod which makes it possible to place it on floors and just about any other flat surface without taking up precious space.

Available in 2 sizes.

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