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Morgan And Bear

Christmas Farm Fresh "Rudolph & Co" 40x40cm

Christmas Farm Fresh "Rudolph & Co" 40x40cm

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Title: Farm Fresh Rudolph & Co - Handmade Wooden Christmas Decor

Description: Add a touch of rustic charm to your holiday decor with our “Farm Fresh Rudolph & Co” wooden sign. Measuring 40x40cm, this piece is handcrafted with a sturdy wooden frame, ensuring it will be a beloved part of your Christmas celebrations for years to come.

The sign features beautifully created artwork that brings the magic of Christmas to life. With its vibrant colours and charming design, it’s sure to be a standout piece in any room.

Proudly Australian made, this piece supports our locally created industries. When you purchase this sign, you’re not just getting a beautiful piece of holiday decor - you’re also supporting local artisans and contributing to the growth of our local economy.

Brand: Morgan & Bear


  • Handmade with a sturdy wooden frame
  • Measures 40x40cm - perfect for any space
  • Beautifully created artwork adds a festive touch
  • Australian made, supporting local industries
  • From the trusted brand, Morgan & Bear

Bring home the “Farm Fresh Rudolph & Co” wooden sign this holiday season and celebrate Christmas in style! 🎄

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