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Christmas Tree Range Candle- Sugar Plum Fairy

Christmas Tree Range Candle- Sugar Plum Fairy

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Amazing White Christmas Fragrance, this beautiful luxury candle is divine for the Christmas Decor!

Christmas has arrived at blackMILK with a beautiful range of colour Christmas Tree Glassware.
blackMILK’s creamy white, natural candles are individually hand poured with 100% pure Soy Wax, surrounding a lead-free, all cotton wick.

Candles burn with a neat, clean flame, no soot or black stains and as soy wax is water soluble, spills can be wiped up with soap and water.
Soy wax emits no fumes when lit, is biodegradable, non-toxic and harmless to our environment.

Caring for your blackMILK candle is as easy as keeping your wick trimmed, keeping

Sugar Plum Fairy –

60hr burn time.

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