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Christmas Cracker Snowy Tree 12in Tray Of 8

Christmas Cracker Snowy Tree 12in Tray Of 8

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Keep it classic or go bold and bright. With a huge range of designs and colours to choose from. We've made a Deluxe cracker to match the sharpest party host's table decor.

These beautiful gold bonbons feature gold glitter on a shiny foil finish and a damask fabric. 

Did you know? Damask refers to a woven fabric that uses two or more weave structures such as satins and twills. Hand-woven damasks have had a long-standing status as a luxury fabric.

100% FSC MIX

Design: Snowy Christmas Trees

Pack Quantity: 8 pack

Size: 12 inch

Each cracker in the tray contains: A paper celebration crown, satisfying snap, amusing joke/motto and one of the following gifts:

  • Snowflake decoration
  • Noughts & crosses
  • Heart paperclip
  • Tweezers
  • Crossword puzzle Robin decoration
  • Stocking cookie cutter
  • Screwdriver keyring. 
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