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Eating Together-5 Quick Easy Recipes

Seems like an old fashioned thing "eating together", am sure you there are a lot of families that because of commitments weither it be work, sport or just being busy never seem to get to actually sit down for a meal, and have that dinner time banter, which we love when our family come to visit from there homes, which is actually quite rare I must say. Making that go to recipe for dinner when they do manage to come is an absolute must as, you want to enjoy the night and be apart of the fun and conversation, not be stuck in the kitchen. So for that reason I want to share with you some really easy, tasty, no fuss recipes, that all the family will love! 

We have beef, chicken, prawn & a vegetable.

Our Top 5 Warm Wintery Foods:

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Chicken Laksa
Party Curry
Prawn Linquine
Spicy Steak Casserole
Vegetable Lasagne


Love to hear your thoughts enjoy!

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