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Corn And Chicken Quiche 4-6 Serves

Who doesn't love going through other peoples recipe books for that absolute ever so special recipe! This " Corn & Chicken Quiche" combined with the filo pastry is absolutely delish! so easy, and perfect with a thrown together salad. Great for quests & dinner parties. 


1 x packet Maggie cream of chicken soup mix

1 x can nestle reduced cream

2 x eggs

1 x 310gm can whole corn kernels

1 x cup grated cheese

6 x sheets filo pastry

butter for brushing the filo

extra 1/2 cup cheese for top


1. Combine 1 x cream of chicken soup mix with 1 cup water, bring to the boil stirring, then  remove from the heat and cool, add 1 can nestle reduced cream, stir in  2 eggs beaten, corn, and 1 cup cheese. 

2. Layer 6 sheets filo pastry brushing each sheet with butter, put into deep flan dish, sprinkle 1/2 cup grated cheese.

3. Cook 40-45mins until golden brown. 

This is such a great recipe, so easy, and so tasty! Enjoy x


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