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Are You Aching To Travel?

Do your memories of traveling bring a tear to your eyes? We sure know the feeling! Our go to destination is Hawaii, we just adore everything about it, from the people, the weather, the relaxed ambience of the place, not to mention the shopping! (no I don't buy another suitcase EVER) Are you a part of so many facebook groups? Yes people are travelling, and seem to be having very few problems and concerns. 

As everything is changing daily ensure you are up to date with all relevant information, this is of the 19th January 2022

These are some of the main questions;

Some great links:

SafeTravels Account - all travellers to Hawaii need to create a safe travellers account

Contact Tracing App- recommend downloading this app

Information Covid 19 Hawaii- Latest updates

All Relevant Information For All Islands Here

Highly recommend booking accommodation first, work out your budget, if you thoughts are like ours you want to be absolutely spoilt!

We have stayed everywhere from a 3 star Airbnb near  Ala Moana to a 5 star near Dukes and we loved both, was great to go grocery shopping and actually have a few BBQ's and have the option to take a picnic and rent as car for the day. 

The 5 star was great also, fresh sheets, restaurant's close, walk across the road near Dukes statue to the beach, love it!! Oh my goodness, my heart aches for Hawaii! 

What to pack:

One of our first flights we took to Hawaii (Oahu) we landed early like 7.30am, by the time we got to the hotel it was 9.30am, couldn't check in till after lunch, we were however able to get them to store our luggage which was great. We went exploring and boy it was hot, would recommend a separate bag with change of clothes, including togs towel, sunscreen & a hat, you wont regret it, is a lot of ours to kill when you have been flying all night. 

Things we loved:

Where do we start! food is amazing any time of day anywhere you can find beautiful food, from fruit salads to seafood, things you thought would never go together but they do. Everyone is happy and smiling and it so so contagious, you meet people from everywhere! and I mean everywhere even from our Suburb in Brisbane. Being able to walk out of your hotel in your beach wear (covering up the wobbly bits of course) find your spot on the glorious beach, and swim without a care in the world, an amazing feeling, if only you could bottle it! The ABC shops are incredible they are on every corner, and YES they have everything from food to sunscreen to boogie boards.

How long should you book for?

Would recommend staying longer than you are thinking, 7 days too short by the time you get there settle in after a long flight a couple of days have gone, there is so much to see! when you are ready to head home you are just starting to chill and enjoy. 10 days to 2 weeks perfect, have a few days in a hotel when you arrive then head to an Airbnb for a few days then back to a hotel. 

Here are a few favourites:

Alohilani- Absolute luxury

Outrigger Waikiki Beach- Great spot everything there

Illikai Hotel - This Hotel is down the Ala Moana end, a beautiful spot and away from the busy area.

Just a few of our favourites, also have a look at Airbnb's we loved being able to cook and obviously do washing, which mounts up when you are on holidays. 

Car Hire:

Don't be afraid to hire a car, very easy to get around, wait till you get there, hire places are everywhere. Great way to see the Islands.

Getting around is so easy, bus, trolley, Uber, Taxi its all there. Airport Shuttle very reasonable also. 


Viator seem to be easy to book with, so many amazing places to visit, there is also so much information at all the hotels, and someone to help with bookings.

Highly recommend booking through a travel agent, they will be up to date with all current information. 

Enjoy making your plans have all the information you need, that way you are organised, and can enjoy and relax. 

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Happy Travel x


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