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Top 10 Must Haves On The Christmas Table

Can be quite a stress organising food for a large crowd, not to mention the cost,  you MUST delegate, write a list, work out what you are eating, start a group chat with what needs to be purchased and send out the list, that way people can put there hand up and say "put me down for that" YES it is that easy, otherwise you will be running around, not enjoying your day at all, and you know what this is your day to.

If you are having quite a large crowd for Christmas lunch 20 or more, this may be pretty good guide of what you will need. Keep in mind there will be people that don't eat seafood, don't eat turkey, or no meat at all, so be prepared for everyone, so yes starting a group chat is a the start. 

To Do List:

"These are our top must haves for the Christmas Table"

  1. Baked Ham- With baked ham you need the glaze, if you are making pre make the night before
  2. Seafood- Make sure you have all the condiments, lemon, lime, seafood sauce, depending on what seafood you buy you may need utensils to break, i.e. crabs and bugs. 
  3. Chicken- gravy
  4. Turkey- cranberry sauce, apples sauce, gravy


Most salads can be made the day prior, does take an awful lot of pressure if you can do this. Classic lettuce salad, with tomato, cucumber, red onion, cheese is an easy option OR you could possibly choose from a few of the below options.

  1. Nutty Rice Salad- lovely texture, really nice flavour, double the recipe for a larger group. Perfect with all meat & seafood. 
  2. Avocado & Mango Salad- really light, delicious with the mango mixed with the bacon, should be made on the day. 
  3. Broccoli Salad- crunchy & very tasty, can be made the day before.
  4. Make a flat lay salad on a large plate, one end a couscous, pumpkin and fetta, other end sundried tomato, spinach and pine nut, blended with some prosciutto &  camembert. Sprinkle some basil, or parsley for decoration. 

There is potentially 5 different salads, which will be enough.

My husband always loves a bread roll, so a big bowl of bread rolls, in my birth country the beautiful New Zealand, we grow little baby potatoes, they are divine, so we MUST have them on the Christmas table.


Well the endless suggestions running through my head!

  1. Pavlova- Buy pre made, and decorate
  2. Cheesecake- Really easy to make, please click through for suggestion, this recipe you can split cheesecake mixture up and make separate cheesecakes in muffin cases. Making bases first.
  3. Christmas Pudding
  4. Trifle 
  5. Tiramisu 
  6. Fresh Fruit Salad

Don't forget cream, ice-cream, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce. 

Such a lot of food! oh so there is more that 10! but oh such fun, enjoy. Get in touch for any questions. 



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