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It's The First Of December Lets Organise Christmas Decor & Decorations

Organising Christmas Decor & Decorations

We are so excited in our household we are getting closer to Christmas, has been quite a year and lovely to be thinking about something that is extra special to our heart. Every year is a very big day in our home sorting out the decorations, bringing in the new (there is always new) what theme are we going to have, what is going where! Believe it or not it takes a whole day to sort our decorations out! sorting where they are going, the Christmas lights, from replacing new bulbs to adding a few new shiny pieces! oh such fun.

Here are some points to consider when getting ready for that very special time of Christmas.

What date do you start?

What is your theme?

Do you have a colour scheme?

Is there a special Christmas fragrance you love?

Opening our Christmas treasures for some reason you always forget what you have! going through your photos from last year is a great way to start, that way you will work out if there is piece that was looking a little tired ( so hard to through anything away) start working out what you need, do some planning, going shopping for Christmas decorations is like going grocery shopping on an empty stomach, so very very tempting!

I LOVE Christmas so our home is off the charts decorated, collecting Christmas goodies over many years and years, it does get like that. You know what, that's just me, like going to the flower markets, my happy place!

Keep an eye out for the Christmas 2022 Decorations, we have 20% across the board on all Christmas & all stock on our website till Christmas, so don't miss out!

How To Choose A Wreath Or Garland For Your Front Door?

Welcoming your guests into your home at Christmas warms your heart, so starting your decorations from the front door, is definitely the key, choosing the colours you are wanting, thinking about the size, how you are going to hang it, need to all be considered. 

Pionsettia Wreath 55cm

Pionsettia Wreath 55cm

Choosing Your Special Christmas Fragrance

Beautiful fragrances also set the scene for your Christmas feels, from Cinnamon Spice & Berries which is like Christmas in a jar Light this festive combination of berries, valencia orange, cinnamon and clove for that classic yuletide scent. From the Australian Brand Elume Candles Soya around an 80 hr burn time.

Christmas Candles to die for!

Absolutely delicious! sets the scene from Christmas times gone by, always sparks beautiful memories. Lovely Christmas ideas that are perfect for indoor or outdoor styling! Shut your eyes and imagine the fragrance of Gingerbread, Vanilla Nutmeg, Pine Needle & SageSugar Plum & Red Berries, Burnt Fig & Pear .

Choosing The Perfect Christmas Centrepiece

Start with a beautiful Christmas Garland or an amazing centrepiece 

Christmas Tree Centrepiece

I always have a white tablecloth underneath, that is your base then go from their, what is your colour scheme, silver & red, red and green? coordinate all your colours, blending plates, then add perfect placemats. Don't forget Christmas flowers, a trip to the flower markets definitely a must. 

Table Decor also included in our treasures, Christmas Trees that light up, Silver & Gold, Berry Red Trees for the Christmas Table or Mantel! So many to share! watch this space for what is coming!

Don't forget all the condiments check out the Ginja B Pantry

We have all sorts of unique Christmas goodies, being uploaded weekly! if you would like to know more, please get in touch to

 Merry Christmas x




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