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Christmas In July Menu For Eight

We love Christmas! Having a friends and family feast, for a "Christmas In July" is so much fun! creating that beautiful ambience of celebration in the cooler months, is a breath of fresh air. From organising the menu, to table decoration to that divine Christmas fragrance Ginja B have got you sorted, and yes we may throw in a few recipes to.

How about a lunch time feast! for a group of 8 people. 


  1. Bruschetta 
  2. Prawn Cocktails

Main Course: 

  1. Baked Ham an amazing glaze! click through for recipe
  2. Roast potatoes ( yes its winter so why not ) don't forget olive oil, garlic, and salt
  3. Roast pumpkin salad with pine nuts  its light, tasty, and beautiful with baked ham (recipe credit Pinterest)
  4. Avocado & mango salad
  5. A medium tray of roast vegetables, if you have a husband like mine who still loves vegetables with with a roast, you have got it covered. 

Serve with apple sauce, gravy, ( beautiful glaze so not really necessary ) , add dressings for the salads, just prior to serving. 

Desert: Jiffy Pudding click through for recipe

Follow desert with a mulled wine, paired with some chocolates, if you can fit them in. 




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